About - Victor Carreiro

I am a landscape photographer based in Vancouver, Washington. My photographic style is typically characterized by dynamic wide-angle compositions along with the seldom telephoto shot to highlight the more intimate scenery of nature. Most of my subject material consists of the scenic wilderness of California and the surrounding states. When I'm not out photographing I am usually teaching post-processing lessons, serving in my church, or hanging out with my beautiful wife Jen. 

Landscape photography is an interesting enterprise in that it encompasses two diverse worlds: the wilderness and the studio. Nature and technology converge throughout the entire process of producing a wilderness image. A landscape photographer must therefore have the spirit of a bush man and the spirit of a computer nerd to make compelling and successful art. I love both of these two worlds and spend a considerable amount of time in each one of them. 

I consider my work to be art, with the intention of conveying a surreal interpretation of the scene I had photographed. While I have high regards for documentary photography, I do not pursue it in my own photographic style. I take creative liberties in my post-processing workflow, but I do not alter any subject material that is fundamental to the scene as it looks in real life. My creative manipulation is largely confined to the contingent and changing elements of the scene (light, color, tones, etc.). The camera is simply an instrument by which I seek to accomplish my creative endeavors. 

In addition to landscape photography, I also have experience in photojournalism.