Preparation Guidelines - Victor Carreiro

Guidelines for Preparing Your Hotel to be Photographed:

The more prep completed before the photographer arrives, the quicker the process will go. While the photographer will probably make some minor adjustments as he views  room through the lens of his camera, there are a handful of things that can be done ahead of time.

1. Arrange the Furniture as Desired: If it is a bedroom, for example, make sure that the items in the room are where you want them to be. It is recommended that the furniture arrangement represents the way it will look when a guest arrives. Take time to consider whether you want to display  certain items like a coffee maker, TV remote, telephone, etc. A rule of thumb is to go simple. Photographs typically look better with less clutter so when in doubt cut it out. 

2. Have the Room Exceptionally Cleaned: Defects like wrinkled sheets, lopsided pillows, dirty windows, fingerprinted TV screens, and unswept patios will not disappear when they are photographed. While some defects can be  removed in post-processing, it is better to take care of them before hand. (See below for specific tips for guest room preparation). 

3. Coordinate With Your Staff: If the photographer needs a member of the staff to open a locked door, turn on lights, or adjust an arrangement, make sure to have someone on hand. For example, if your hotel has a restaurant that you want photographed, you may want to notify the chefs and servers to prepare the restaurant before or after business hours. 

4. Light it Up: Photography is all about light, so make sure lightbulbs are replaced and all working as they should. 

5. Remove Vehicles: If you are having the exterior lobby photographed, it may be necessary for the photography to shoot from the parking lot. Unless you want vehicles in the picture you may want to block off any parking spaces that are directly in front of the lobby. 

6. Scheduling Conflicts: If you have your photographer scheduled on the same day as a maintenance vendor, you may want to reschedule one unless there is no possibility for conflict. 

7. Tips for Guest Rooms:              

     • Iron and even out bedskirts               

     • Iron and spread sheets attentively                

     • Use new pillows if available               

     • Use new, unwashed pillow cases if available                

     • Set out room service items (coffee, fruit, etc)

       if desired in shot 

     • Vacuum floor               

     • Fold bathroom towels neatly                

     • Clean TV screen 

     • Clean Windows