Prices - Victor Carreiro

Hotel Photography Pricing:

All prices include equipment, lighting, and post-processing. 

10 image portfolio     -     $350

15 image portfolio     -     $450

20 image portfolio     -     $530

30 image portfolio     -     $630

40 image portfolio     -     $730

• Sunset/Twilight Images   -   Additionally fees will apply for sunset/twilight images. 

• If a larger portfolio set is purchased, then it may require more than 1 day to shoot.

• If more images are required,  please email Victor Carreiro Photography to discuss options. 

Landscape Photography Pricing:

In addition to photographing your hotel or resort premises, Victor Carreiro Photography offers landscape photography services as well. If your hotel is in a beautiful setting you may want to decorate your walls with stunning prints or use the digital images for advertising on your website. You will be provided with full resolution files  of your desired locations taken in the best light. These unique images will belong to you alone. 

1 Image Portfolio      -      $50

3 Image Portfolio      -      $120

5 Image Portfolio      -      $200

10 Image Portfolio    -     $340

(Price includes any image not located on your hotel premises.)

The Punch Bowl